iMRS Prime Advanced Features

Biorhythm Clock

Exclusive to PEMF systems from Swiss Bionic Solutions, the biorhythm clock adjusts the mat's frequency based on the time of day, matching the body's optimal "biological window" for electromagnetic response.

Settings & Frequency

  • Morning – Energizes your start to the day (15 Hz)
  • Afternoon – Eases stress (5 Hz)
  • Evening – Promotes relaxation (3 Hz)
  • Night – Prepares you for deep sleep (0.5 Hz)
Biorhythm Clock

7 Fast Start Programs

Designed for daily ease and effectiveness, the Fast Start Programs sync automatically when the Exagon Brain is connected.


  • Duration: 12 Minutes
  • Biorhythm: MORNING (15 Hz)
  • Settings: Intensity Level 10 for 4 Minutes, then 25 for 4 Minutes, and 50 for 4 Minutes, with RGB settings at R 255 | G 0 | B 255, Brightness 100%


  • Duration: 24 Minutes
  • Biorhythm: EVENING
  • Settings: Intensity Level 25 for 12 Minutes, then 10 for 12 Minutes, with RGB settings at R 0 | G 255 | B 0, Brightness 80%


  • Duration: 12 Minutes
  • Biorhythm: NOON
  • Settings: Intensity Levels at 50 for 4 Minutes, 100 for 4 Minutes, and 200 for 4 Minutes, with RGB settings at R 200 | G 45 | B 0/255, Brightness 100%


  • Duration: 24 Minutes
  • Biorhythm: EVENING
  • Settings: Intensity Level 25 for 12 Minutes, 10 for 8 Minutes, and "sensitive" for 4 Minutes, with RGB settings varying from R 0 | G 0/255 | B 255/160, Brightness 80%-100%


  • Duration: 24 Minutes, transitioning through MORNING, NOON, EVENING, and NIGHT settings with varying Intensity Levels and RGB settings to suit each time of day.


  • Duration: 24 Minutes
  • Biorhythm: NIGHT
  • Settings: Intensity Level 10 and "sens" for 12 Minutes each, with RGB settings at R 0 | G 255 | B 160, Brightness 80%

Solfeggio Scale 9

  • Integrating the ancient wisdom of Solfeggio frequencies, including the significant 528 Hz "miracle wave" or "Love Frequency," this comprehensive PEMF application delivers all nine frequencies through the whole-body applicator in a precise sequence.

iMRS Prime

Program Mode

Customize settings for multiple users with saved preferences for each applicator.

Split Mode: Dual PEMF Systems

The iMRS Prime uniquely supports two separate applicators with one control unit, thanks to its dual D/A converters, enabling independent session settings.

Clinical Research - iMRS Prime Trial System

Swiss Bionic Solutions has developed trial software for conducting precise and reproducible PEMF studies, responding to the growing interest in PEMF research.

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