PEMF therapy has been a staple in hospitals and clinics across Germany and Eastern Europe for more than two decades. Supported by thousands of clinical studies, PEMF has the endorsement of the U.S. FDA for treating brain cancer, depression & anxiety, incontinence, and non-union bone fractures that have resisted healing.

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In 2017, Gary discovered the transformative power of PEMF therapy. After thorough research, he bought his first iMRS PEMF System from Swiss Bionic Solutions. Remarkably, Gary’s chronic back pain, which plagued him for over 26 years, dissipated after just two weeks of PEMF therapy and has not returned. He now makes PEMF therapy a daily practice.

Gary asserts, “If you’ve witnessed the remarkable benefits of PEMF therapy as I have, you’d invest in a system for yourself and your loved ones to use daily for life, even if you’re currently in perfect health.”

Why? As you get older, your cellular electrical charge lessens. PEMF therapy keeps that charge elevated, acting as the ‘spark of life.’

Gary Woolums

Gary Woolums

PEMF Practitioner


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What Are the Benefits of PEMF Therapy?

PEMF energizes cells from within, sidestepping the need for surgical interventions. Pulse’s range of thoughtfully designed accessories aligns with body contours to deliver pulsating electromagnetic fields externally, negating the necessity to implant any devices. By naturally enhancing the body’s
energetic field, it prompts more efficient bodily functions, leading to improved overall health.

Empower the Body’s Innate Healing Abilities Leveraging the body’s remarkable self-repair mechanisms, PEMF infuses cells with life-affirming energy, aiding them in their diverse roles. Offering a holistic approach to wellbeing, whole-body PEMF therapy not only supports sustained health improvements but also brings forth unexpected positive changes.

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